1.                Jan Dhan Yojana

2.                Guide to Small Investors on Capital Market Operations

3.                Understanding Corporate Disclosures

4.                Investor Protection – Do’s and Don’ts

5.                Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Capital Market

6.                Rights and Obligations of Small Investors

7.                Investment Opportunities for Small Investors

8.                Utility Role of Professionals for Small investors

9.                Small investor’s Grievances and Redressal Mechanism

10.              Role of regulatory Authority in Capital Market Operations.

11.              Role of Intermediaries in Capital Market Operations.

12.              Dependence on Stock Market

13.              Investor Population and perception

14.              Reforms in the Indian Securities Market

15.              Book building through online IPO system

16.              Collective investment scheme

17.              Portfolio risk Management

18.              Trading Mechanism

19.              Returns in Indian Stock Market

20.              Budget Announcements for Capital Market

21.              Development of derivative market in India

22.              Role of investor associations

23.              Indian Stock Market – Present & Future

24.              Role of regulatory agencies in stock market

25.              Trading online – do’s and don’ts

26.              Green shoe option

27.              Mutual fund scheme

28.              Systematic Investment Plans

29.              Leveraging risk

30.              Commodities market in India

31.              Role of FII in stock market

32.              Fixed deposits in companies

33.              Vanishing Companies

34.              NBFC

35.              Chit Funds

36.              Ponzi Schemes