Articles Published in Journal of the Institute on Peer Revie

August 2002

Peer Review: Enhancing Audit Quality
February 2003                                                                                                -Sunil Bhargava

Peer Review: Moving Towards Quality assurance, Consistency and transparency in Attestation Services.

August 2003

The Peer Review: An Insight into the Process and Modalities                                 -Sunil Bhargava                                          

The Peer Review: Towards Technical Compliance and Documentation                        -Vijay Kapur                                     

Report on Interactive Workshop for Resource Persons

- Organised by Peer Review Board on 18th July 2003
July 2010

The Peer Review: Excellence in Financial Reporting - Role of Peer Review

September 2010

The Peer Review: Peer Review of the Audit Firms of the Listed Companies - Updation of the Peer Review Status

December 2010

The Peer Review: Discrepancies Noticed by the Peer Reviewers During Peer Review Process.

October 2011

The Peer Review: Revised Notification Cost of Peer Review for Peer Reviewers