Clarification on Chartered Accountants acting as Direct Selling Agents (DSA) - Ethical Issues Involved


As you are aware that various Companies are appointing Chartered Accountants as their Direct Selling Agents (DSA) and this is an emerging area of professional opportunities for the members.


We may inform you that the Committee on Ethical Standards (CES), a non-standing Committee of the Institute, considered the matter in great details and was of the view that one has to see the ethical issues involved while acting as Direct Selling Agent (DSA) and decided that:


    A member in practice is not permitted to market any specific product.


    He may verify credit card credentials.


    He may provide services that are in the nature of verification etc. which are in the nature of assurance services.


    He may provide services which are in the nature of Management Consultancy & Other Services and can perform all those services which a Chartered Accountant can provide.


Members are requested to keep in mind the aforesaid decision of the Committee while acting as Direct Selling Agent (DSA).